Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to the family...mind if I steal from you?

This plot was on Lifetime or the O network, wasn't it?  The Billings Gazette reports the following family yarn:  Young woman lives with her fiance's family for several years, with her infant son.  She steals future father-in-law's credit card to make $6,000 in purchases, spread over 55 transactions.....including wedding items.

She defended her actions, saying they were in retaliation for not being reimbursed for gas she purchased for the "family" vehicles.

I can see the news article to come: "The bride looked lovely in lace and taffeta, as she did the twelve inch shuffle down the aisle, the shackles gently rustling in sync with the cascading organ music.  The bride was flanked by her lawyer, and a probation officer, who presented her to the groom with a key for the ankle lock and a list of pre-release conditions on honey moon travel..."