Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What do we give to our clients?

I stumbled across this link to the minutes of the Dorchester County Council describing a road abandonment case of mine. I really enjoy that part of the State, but I didn't enjoy getting to that particular hearing! It was scheduled on the same date as my wedding anniversary, while my wife and I were in Duck, N.C. on vacation with about a dozen family members.

My wife graciously dropped me at the car rental agency so I could drive to Norfolk, and then fly to BWI, rent another car, and drive to the 6:30 PM hearing in Dorchester County. I was home, in Baltimore, by 2 AM, and back to BWI by 8 AM to fly to Norfolk and then drive to Duck in order to celebrate our Anniversary, a day late.

I sure love that woman!

But the client who wouldn't allow my car rental expense from BWI to the hearing, and then wanted to cut time I spent at the hearing??? Not so much.

Oh, yes, and we persuaded the council to abandon the road.

Of course, you don't get any of that from the council minutes!