Thursday, September 30, 2010

GMAC decision to stop foreclosure does not apply to Maryland actions

Click the title to link to the Sept. 20th article. GMAC is unilaterally stopping foreclosures in 23 states (but not Maryland) because various documents and affidavits were incorrectly prepared and executed. One processor at GMAC admitted to signing off on 10,000 items per month without reading them. Amazing.

A more recent Washington Post article on September 29th reports that JP Morgan Chase is doing the same thing. JP Morgan is unilaterally asking courts to hold off issuing final judgments in 56,000 foreclosure actions. The article doesn't identify the state jurisdictions involved.

These reports dovetail nicely with Judge Pierson's recent admonishment to foreclosure lawyers practicing in Baltimore City to make sure the new rules are scrupulously followed.