Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ameriquest- it's like jogging in deep snow.

The Maryland Court of Appeals decided this "bad affidavit" case on August 31, 2010. It has now been left to the bankruptcy court to deal with over 100 pending cases where Trustees are suing to invalidate, or "strip", liens. This office, alone, has over 20 cases, valued at close to $6 million. Each is a potential total loss under a title policy, as each lender may potentially be stripped of its lien and relegated to "general unsecured" status.

I have heard that Judge Kier, Chief Judge of the bankruptcy court, has assigned one law clerk to research the issue for all the judges. I think he wants to avoid potentially conflicting results from the four judges handling the cases.

It has become rather comical, though, to see both Trustees and counsel for the lienholders declare victory when the Ameriquest decision really does little more than amplify exisiting law.

But enough, for now. I have 20+ briefs to write!