Thursday, June 4, 2015

Snakes in the house you just bought?

An Annapolis area couple is suing prior owners and real estate agents for failure to disclose a snake infestation.  Imagine watching a four foot rat snake climb the basement steps toward YOUR kitchen.  Gross.

The case raises interesting and common issues about what actual knowledge must be disclosed in the real estate transaction by the sellers and agents to the buyers.  And it raises questions about whether inspection contingencies or "as is" provisions allow the sellers and agents to keep their mouths shut about known snake infestations.

This house had a long and storied history. And at least one prior family had fled the house for the size and quantity of snakes. The television news video made me cringe!

What's the lesson here?  If you are buying property on or near the water, perhaps your inspection contingency should include some language pertaining to snakes and other water based vermin!