Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh fudge! No Berger Cookies!

On February 22, 2013, the Baltimore Sun reported the closing of the iconic local bakery that has been churning out Berger Cookies, a Baltimore staple since 1835. This simple cookie, topped with a thick smear of fudge, is as "Baltimore" as the O's, Ravens and Natty Boh.

So it was quite a shock to see signs at the local market declaring the bakery closed. The horror! In a sometimes harsh world, the Berger Cookie exists to give Baltimoreans a moment's respite, with a heady cocoa flavored suger rush.

We have since learned that the Baltimore City Health Department, eager to guarantee the natural goodness of our cookies, closed the bakery for lack of a simple license (after an anonymous call from an un-American cookie hater).  In fact, it is not clear that the bakery ever had the proper licensure.

The bakery passed it's inspections, and it's lawyer has prepared the licensing documents, and we should be ready to dive right back into our favorite choco treats with out further delay, right?  Wrong.

The 60 year old bakery owner remains hospitalized, and unable to execute the documents necessary to re-open the bakery.  How does THAT happen?

Every small business needs a plan for conducting business when the decision maker, or head honcho, is sick or incapacitated. There is absolutely no reason for business activities to stop upon the sickness or forced absence of one executive level employee. Corporate documents must be in place to pass authority on to others for the day-to-day affairs of the business. Employees and suppliers must be paid, customers must be serviced, and your brand's reputation must be maintained..

Most importantly, I need a cookie. And your customers and employees need your business to continue running, without interruption.

Please don't let your business grind to a halt when the unanticipated calamity strikes.  Let us help you plan for business contingencies, and keep your business rolling.