Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy can strike you twice!

A natural disaster can victimize you two times. Hurricane Sandy has already ripped through your life, tearing at your home and business. But the next steps of rebuilding your life and property can be just as difficult. You must  now negotiate the swirling storm that is your insurance claim process, and the repair and re-construction of your property.  All you want is what was lost.  But will you get it?

The construction industry has been re-energized by the devasation of the storm, and the prospect of billions of dollars in repairs. Will your insurance cover all necessary repairs? Will the contractor demand payments beyond what your insurance will pay? Or maybe you see a chance to upgrade your property but don't know how to expand the contract?

And is your contractor properly licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Comission? Or, is your contractor often in court, defending against claims of faulty work? The good ones will be very busy, and difficult to schedule. The worst will be ready to take your deposit and then disappear quicker than a sudden change in the weather.

Let experienced counsel guide you through this second storm, and review your insurance policies, your repair contracts, and the performance of your contractors.We've been doing this work for over 25 years, for homeowners and contractors. Getting your lawyer involved, early, can save you the pain of this second storm.