Monday, April 18, 2011

A funky HUD-1 may earn this lawyer a five year term in the slammer.

I'm originally from Connecticut, so I poke around their papers.  The on-line "ctpost" often has little items that mainstream Hartford Courant doesn't catch (because the Courant, owned by the same company that ruined our own Baltimore Sun, tends to sling the same old syndicated articles shared by everyone).

Here's one that caught my eye:  Attorney Byrk may go to jail for five years for playing games with a HUD-1.  His clients took a loan from Argent Mortgage, with a second mortgage to be held by the sellers.  But because Argent's guidelines barred a second mortgage, the lawyer simply omitted it from the HUD-1. That was in 2007.

Roll forward a few years, and his clients get caught up in fraudulent activity involving their family company.  The far reaching investigation into the couple's finances reveals the lawyer's sneaky work.  He now faces at least 6 months in jail, and maybe five years.  He will surely lose his license.

Oh yes, this investigation also snagged a Superior Court judge involved in other fraud involving the same couple.  He must have been a Yankee fan.