Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's getting easier to locate estates in Maryland.

The latest addition to Maryland's on-line databases is here! You may now search all estates, across the state, on the new Register of Wills page. We may all search by decedent, interested party, and other categories. The search gives access to the docket.

But this is not like the PACER system, where you may download .pdf documents with a few clicks of the mouse, and payment of $.08 per page. This site only gives you document titles, and the number of pages. The document must be ordered, at a cost of $.50 per page. This involves filling out a form, and mailing or delivering the form., and then awaiting delivery of the documents through snail mail...*yawn*.

This is still a great tool to replace having to send our paralegals and assistants out to various courhouses to search for the existence of estates. But it does not vitiate the need to review the actual file (or microfilm) at the courthouse, and obtain copies.